• SIZE: 21-30, 31-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-120 (PCS/KG)
  • Specification: fillet skinless, block frozen
  • Grade: 1, 1.5, B
  • Packing: 2 kgs/block x 6/carton
  • Season: whole year
  • Suppliability: 30 tons per month
  • Brand: Thaco Seafood
  • Self life: 2 years from product date
  • Keep frozen at under -18 degree C
  • Micro Biological: follow imported country standard
  • Anti-Biotic: free Anti-Biotic



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  1. We have strong experience in seafood business
  2. We can supply all your needed seafood with highest quality products and competitive price
  3. 100% our product are free antibiotic and suitable for export and fit for human consumption.
  4. 100% our shipment is arranged and deliveried on time
  5. 100% Customer’s complains will be quickly responsibled and immediated improvement actions.
  6. We can combine shipment with 3 or 4 items per time
  7. We do inspection 24/24 at our factory, strickly control everything related to product (we control raw material, processing line, final packing, final product, loading…)
  8. All document related to product and shipment will be supplied to customer on time
  9. Full information related to raw material situation, production, shipment and others will be supplied to customer
  10. We are your trustful and efficiency partner.


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